In addition to our EPC services, we at Berkshire HIP are now pleased to offer residential Floorplans to property professionals and individuals alike. Our floorplans are now available as standalone service independent EPCs. As with our other products we guarantee customer satisfaction with a quality and professional service that won't leave you disappointed.


Our prices begin at just £22.00 per floorplan (all inclusive)


Commissioning a floorplan is a great way to maximise the potential of your property. Prospective buyers can disregard properties on face value, but with a quality floorplan they can get a feel for your property and make a more informed choice. With floorplans fast becoming a standard tool in marketing properties and increasing vital in a rapidly slowing market... can you afford to market your property without a professional floorplan?

Here at Berkshire HIP we pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and professional service. We fully utilise the latest technologies in measuring, producing and delivering floorplans to ensure optimum results minimal hassle and cost to you. We've outlined a few reason why you should consider us;


Fast 48 hour floorplan turnaround (from measuring to electronic delivery)

Room sizes in metres/ft

Floorplans with North direction if desired

Industry standard floorplans


As reminder, we're continuosly expanding our operational area and now provide HIPs and EPCs in Basingstoke, Bracknell, and High Wycombe. Additionally we continue to deliver a high level of service and with competitvely priced EPCs throught Berkshire including Newbury, Reading, maidenhead and slough.